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From the 3rd Judy Dosh book!

It's a Complicated World Judy Dosh

"Aren't you going to tell me about your 'strange old day,'?” asked Judy.


"I don't think you really want to know about it!"


"Well, when you tease me like that, of course I want to hear about it! Do tell."


"Well it all began with a drawing session," began Ed. He told Judy the whole story of the morning's antics, which she found hilarious.


"It's so good that the three of you can still act like kids! Forever young. It's wonderful!"


"Well it didn't seem very wonderful for me being the one being chased. I felt nervous, and, very muddled."


"Muddled, how muddled?"


Ed wondered if he should tell her about sexual feelings which accompanied the chase. In the end he did.


"And what I've been thinking about since then," he concluded, "is whether I have any sexual feelings for a man or not? It would be the first time for me."


"Oh don't worry about it Ed, straight women often have bisexual feelings for another woman, that doesn't necessarily make them lesbian."


"But it's different for men."


"Yes, but unless you feel like having sex with Sean, being turned on by being chased by an attractive man, and a very attractive woman I add, isn't anything to worry about."


"I guess you're right," mused Ed. "And I don't feel any sexual urge for Sean or any other male for that matter. I feel as I always have, very comfortably straight, and heterosexual."


"Well you've always been 'very comfortably heterosexual' with me," laughed Judy.

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