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David Grant

I am a visual artist. Bodies on the Line is a visual art project which I started over 10 years ago. It was featured in FRINGE WORLD in 2015 and 2017.


The project featured charcoal drawings of everyday people in Perth. While posing, models often discussed and talked about just about anything that came into their mind. This included religion, politics, philosophy and especially life and the people of Perth. These thoughts were written on the actual paintings by the model and also in notebooks. The notebooks were later made into printed copies. It soon became clear to me that life in Perth had its own flavour. Relationships seemed to be very problematic.


Taking this source of material I decided to write a novel on Perth life. This is where the Judy Dosh series began. It features the lives of a group of imaginary people and their struggles to get on with life and each other.


The characters who are mostly between 20 and 40 include the married, the divorced, as well as those who are still single. There are a number of gay characters.


One relationship is between a Catholic priest (who is in the process of leaving the church) and an atheist.

New Releases

ANABreathing front cover_edited-1.jpg

As Natural as Breathing


A short one act play. This is a play within a play which takes a humorous look at a society where nudity is accepted except for the nose. The nose has become the new genitals. People wear nose bags to hide their noses from the public. We take a look at group of actors on stage who are totally nude except for their nose bags. The conversations between these actors take a look at our own obsession of hiding the genitals and, in the case of women, nipples.

As Natural as Breathing -- now available free (as Ebooks) from these publishers:

charlie cover_edited-1 copy.jpg

Charlie and Rum and Raisin with a Sparkler:

now available free (as Ebooks) from these publishers:

Artwork from the Bodies on the

Line Project

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